A Brief History...

The Winkler history has been traced back to the 13th Century in Switzerland. In the following decades the Winkler's settled in Austria and eventually Germany.

According to US federal census data, Hubert and John Winkler immigrated to the US in the 1870's. They eventually settled in Schenectady, NY.

In the industrial boom of Schenectady, Winkler's held many jobs ranging from cabinet makers at the General Electric Company to saloon owners. Even the first stage manager of Proctors Theater was a Winkler.

There was a large population of German immigrants in Schenectady. Many Winkler's were, and still are, members of St. Joseph's Church. St. Joseph's was founded by Germans and is still holding mass at its current location on the corner of Albany and Lafayette Streets.

In addition to a church, there was St. Joseph's Academy. Many Winkler's attending the school until 1960 when the doors closed and the last class graduated.